When I resembled Kevin Spacey (modest composition)

Last week I received an email from an old friend with a photo of Kevin Spacey attached. My friend wrote me: “Ei, mate, you wouldn’t say that you and Kevin were so similar, would you? The picture showed Kevin Spacey looking directly at the camera, sporting a daring sun glasses latest fashion. It’s true, look at the photo of my facebook’s profile and you’ll see: I appear in the same provocative attitude, garnished with a similar sunglasses and, yes, we resemble. However, I don’t mind to say that there were a time when we resembled each other even more, and without sunglasses.

It was when I still had hair in my head. At this time Kevin Spacey wasn’t so well known, and American Beauty had just arrived in the cinemas of Barcelona. It was saturday night and I had to meet some friends at a party. As I said, I wasn’t completely bald yet. Nevertheless, my hair had began to fall out and I was worried about ending up like a balloon. I didn’t feel as Casanova, I rather felt like Kevin Spacey in the famous shower scene of American beauty. I felt ugly, even more ugly that I usually feel. Despite I had had my hair cut by the best hairdresser of Barcelona, I recently had had a failed flirtation and I didn’t arrive at the party in the best espirits.

When I got to the party and knocked on the door drinks had started flowing. I heard noises indoors and two girls who came to open fast enough. I guessed they were little bit tipsy, but I should confess that I never could have guessed what they were going to do. They opened the door and, suddenly, at unisound, like it was a prepared performance, they began to shout: “Ahhh! It’s Kevin Spacey. Kevin has come to the party. Come and see, folks. Kevin Spacey is here!” My mood changed immediately. I started laughing non stop. And I don’t want to show off –men should be discrete- but thanks to my brother Kevin I had a fucking inspired night.

P.d. Què voleu que faci, a mi aquestes compositions em fan il·lusió. Totes les correccions que feu els lectors seran benvingudes.



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  1. Ho he entès tot perfectament, i això deu voler dir que segur que alguna cosa falla.. Ànims i a seguir millorant amb l’anglès! [Això vol dir que el meu anglès és universal, carallot]

  2. Molt be. [EI, MOLTES GRÀCIES, ST PERE! Aquesta nit ho tens canviat. Cheers!]


    “My friend wrote me” “My friend wrote to me”.

    “Ei, mate” “Hey, mate”
    “were so similar” “looked so alike”

    “sporting a daring sun “wearing latest fashion
    glasses latest fashion” sunglasses”

    “garnished with “with similar spectacles”
    a similar sunglasses”

    “we resemble” “we resemble each other”

    “I don’t mind to say “I don’t mind admitting
    that there were a time” that there was a time”

    “At this time Kevin” “At the time Kevin…”

    “had just arrived “had just been released
    in the cinemas of” in”

    “It was saturday” “It was a Saturday”

    “ending up like a balloon” “ending up looking like
    a balloon”

    “feel as Casanova” “feel like a Casanova”

    “even more ugly that I” “even uglier than I”

    “in the best espirits” “in the best spirits”

    “heard noises indoors” “heard noises inside”

    “were little bit” “were a little bit”

    “at unisound” “at unison”


  3. Enric, jo crec que el teu nivell ha millorat força respecte el teu darrer text. M’ha semblat un anglès molt més natural, les errades són de poca importància. Felicitats!

  4. En lloc de dir “Kevin Spacey looking directly at the camera”, jo diría “staring to the camera” o “looking straight to the camera”.
    No sé, dic jo…

  5. There is room for improvement, però està força millor que la que vas penjar fa unes setmanes. Bengastats els calers del curs i estada, doncs.

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